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Congratulations to Bailey Claus, 11, for becoming our newest “Adopt A Nest” hero!

Last spring, Bailey became saddened after learning about wildlife poachers in Africa and decided he wanted to help save endangered animals here in the U.S.

Bailey and his parents did some research and discovered the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation's Adopt A Nest program.

His mom, Erin, suggested that he adopt a nest, but Bailey wanted to go further. “He then wanted us to adopt many nests,” his mom explained.

Bailey decided to pitch the idea to his 4th grade teacher, Justin Holohan, at West Amwell Elementary School in Lambertville, N.J., and soon the classroom had a can for donations. Bailey convinced his parents and grandparents and his father's company to adopt nests, and before long he had adopted five nests. “But that was not enough for Bailey,” his mom said. “He wanted to save more.”

So armed with a portfolio of information about sea turtles, Bailey met with his school principal, Scott Uribe, about creating fundraisers, and in no time Bailey was selling carnations and pretzels at the school. He sold more than 200 carnations and sells more than 200 pretzels each month, his mom said.

Bailey helps edit and print a monthly pretzel sales flyer that he sends home with each pupil at his school, distributes the pretzels, and counts the proceeds. He also prepared an “Adopt A Nest” information packet for each of the school's teachers.

So far, Bailey has adopted 17 nests but says he won't rest until he has 30. Soon he plans to write Principal Uribe about a new fundraiser - selling pencils.

“We are extremely proud of his accomplishments. He has worked hard!” said his mom.
adopt a sea turtle nest hero
L to R, Mr. Justin Holohan, Bailey and Mr. Scott G. Uribe.
L to R, Brian, Bailey and Erin Clause
Bailey blogs about his progress on his website, One special post shows a letter sent last August by the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation reporting great news about the nest adopted by Mr. Holohan's
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