It’s a natural: Pura Botanica teams up with National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation and helps educate Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County.

L to R: Christy Booth Hierholzer, Connie Versteeg, Frank Wojcik, Bill Muller, Sam Cassaro and Eileen Nesdale
Pairing Pura Botanica’s Lend a Hand All Natural Hand Cream Smoother with the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation came, well, naturally.

A drawing of a sea turtle hatchling walking across the sand graces the tube of the hand cream, made of African shea butter and natural vanilla. A portion of proceeds from sales of the product benefits the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation.

On July 22, 2014, at El Prado Park in Lauderdale by the Sea, Pura Botanica President Christy Booth Hierholzer presented a check for $1,400 to Frank Wojcik, the Foundation’s Executive Director, for its sea turtle preservation and education efforts.

“I just want to say thank you to you guys,” Ms. Hierholzer said to foundation members attending the presentation. “You guys are the heroes here.”

Accompanying Ms. Hierholzer were members of the Thomas D. Stephanis Boys & Girls Club of Pompano Beach, one of 12 Broward County Boys & Girls Clubs in whose names Pura Botanica is donating sea turtle nests this year. The children were chaperoned to the presentation by Di Maharaj, Director of Club Operations for the Broward County Boys & Girls Clubs, and Christopher Cleveland, Health and Physical Education Coordinator for the Thomas D. Stephanis unit.

The turtle nest donations, announced by Pura Botanica in letters to each of the 12 Broward clubs, are part of the company’s sea turtle education outreach efforts, Ms. Hierholzer said. “This is a new introduction to the children,” she said. “It will teach them what the Foundation does and hopefully they’ll want to be a part of the effort. We’ll teach them the importance of habitat for the turtles and the adoption program.”

Pura Botanica, based in Lighthouse Point, produces luxurious bath and body products and elegant, cruelty-free travel accessories. The company first teamed up with the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation five years ago, offering to devote some of its marketing efforts and sales proceeds to help the Foundation’s mission, Ms. Hierholzer said.

The company recently adopted two loggerheads, Pedersen and Atwell, through the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, a Juno Beach research facility that received $22,500 from the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation in June 2012.

Supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County is another priority for Pura Botanica. Last Christmas, the company partnered with area retailers to collect 130 toys for children ages 7 to 17. For Mother’s Day, the company asked children at the Broward clubs to create artwork that illustrates what Mother’s Day means to them. The company displayed some of the best works on its website

After the presentation at El Prado Park, Connie Versteeg, the Foundation’s marine biologist, accompanied the children to a protected nest on the beach and explained how mother sea turtles lay their eggs, how they bury them in the sand to protect them from predators, how long eggs take to hatch, and why nests are cordoned off from beach visitors.

Mr. Cleveland said he learned a lot watching the presentation. “I was even wondering why those taped-off nests were around,” he said. “Giving the kids knowledge about the turtles -- I think that’s real good.”
Front Left: Deatric Alexander, Jasmine Capobianco, Jaxon Capobianco, Ma’Kaiha Saxon, Back Left: Tatyana Wyche, Taliyah Wyche, Slatracvius Hunter, Jatyia Graham, Gary Burgess, Shanard Alvarez, Dayanand Maharaj
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