National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation Scholarships for 2018
Michael Salmon, Ph.D.
Research Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences
The National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation has once again generously funded scholarships for graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida Atlantic University. A total of $6000 in financial support allowed the Department to provide scholarships for 8 students (3 seeking Masters degrees, 5 seeking Ph. D. degrees), all of whom are completing important studies on various aspects of the ecology, behavior, physiology, genetics and functional morphology of marine turtles and sharks.

These projects take minimally two years (for Masters degrees) and up to 6 years (for Ph. D. degrees) to complete, and so several of these students have received Foundation scholarships for 2 or more consecutive years. The availability of consistent and recurring financial support by the Foundation has greatly expedited the progress of all scholarship recipients toward the completion of their degrees. Our department, and our students, are privileged to be the recipients of that support.

Three students will be finishing their studies during the present Spring semester, which ends in April, and have already published articles in previous issues of Environmental Outreach that describe the importance and significance of their studies for our readership. They have also written technical papers, published in scientific journals, for professionals in various fields of biological sciences. Those interested in exploring both categories of publications can retrieve them from the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation web page (heading under Research).
Ms. Rachel Bladow, a recent Masters graduate, holds some sea turtle eggs she used for her study.
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